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Education in Latvia - Your Rights and Opportunities

Latvia University central building

Rights to education


Latvia cherishes the value of education for all. Every person residing in Latvia, regardless of their citizenship or status*, has the fundamental right to quality education.

Eligible individuals include:

  • Citizens of Latvia;

  • Holders of Latvian non-citizen passports;

  • Citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland;

  • Permanent residents of the European Community with Latvian residence permits;

  • Stateless individuals and third-country nationals with valid Latvian residence permits

  • Those granted refugee, alternative status, or temporary protection within Latvia

The Path to Education in Latvia


Basic Education

(Grades 1-9): Compulsory for all children starting at age 7, building a strong foundation of knowledge, usually completed by age 16.

Secondary Education

(Grades 10-12): Choose your focus:

  • Academic Track: Prepares you for higher education and university studies.

  • Vocational Track: Develops job-ready skills and a professional qualification.

Higher education - Where Ambition Meets Opportunity

Latvia University central building

Latvia's universities and colleges offer diverse programs. Admission is determined by each institution, with centralized national exams playing a key role.

Tuition fee

EURO notes

Pre-school, Basic, and Secondary Education

Generally covered by the state for public institutions. Private institutions may charge tuition.

Higher Education

The state funds a limited number of student places. Tuition fees may apply to additional students. State-guaranteed loans are available to all eligible students.

For the latest and most detailed information on tuition fees and admission requirements, prospective students should refer directly to the Study in Latvia website.

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